After 9 Weeks things are starting to shape up.   Here are the present standings.

 We are approaching our final couple weeks of league play before the Championship bracket begins.  August 27th and 28th will be our first two days of Playoffs and the championship round will be played on Septhember tenth.  Seedings will be 1 vs 8, 2 vs 7, 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5.  

Week 13 Standings

Player name Team Points   Team
Richard Barry Doyles Irish Pub 66    
Greg Wuetrich Old Smokey Last Dawgs 66   Baumgartners
Darris Henning Old Smokey Last Dawgs 63.5   224.5
Gary Hill One Tan Hand 62    
Roger Sutter Baumgartners 59   Mosher Insurance Services
Mark McArdle Bertalot Flooring 58.5   235.5
Dustin Weckerly One Tan Hand 58   One Tan Hand
Brad Klemm Baumgartners 58   244.5
Darin Buhlmann Bertalot Flooring 57    
Troy Whiteman Mosher Insurance Services 55.5   Doyles Irish Pub
Aaron Abraham Minhaus 54.5   214
Duane Jones Bertalot Flooring 54.5    
John Wartenweiller Baumgartners 53.5   Minhaus
Brad Bertalot Bertalot Flooring 52   224
Sub 2 Mosher Insurance Services 51.5    
Jeremia Flood One Tan Hand 50.5   Old Smokey
Ralph Phillips Old Smokey Last Dawgs 50.5   211
Derek Jones Minhaus 49    
Dustin Hoffman Minhaus 49    
Dave Wartenweiller Baumgartners 49    
Josh Towne Doyles Irish Pub 48.5   Old Smokey Last Dawgs
Randy Boss Old Smokey 47.5   247.5
Josh Fraughchigler One Tan Hand 47.5    
Steve Becholt Old Smokey 45.5   Bertalot Flooring
Tyler Fago Minhaus 45   241.5
Ken Fields Old Smokey Last Dawgs 44    
Steve Herbst Mosher Insurance Services 43    
Dave Mosher Mosher Insurance Services 40.5    
Jerry Soddy Old Smokey 38    
Keith Riese Old Smokey 36    
Jay Doyle Doyles Irish Pub 34.5    
Chad Trimble Doyles Irish Pub 33    
Sub 1 Mosher Insurance Services 29    
Sub Doyles Irish Pub 26.5    
Sub-1 Old Smokey last Dawgs 23.5    
Chuck Bredoson Minhaus 11    
Tony Strentz One Tan Hand 10.5    
Kyle Keehnn Mosher Insurance Services 9.5    
Sub Old Smokey 9.5    
Sub One Tan Hand 9    
Sub Minhaus 8.5    
Dave Bailey One Tan Hand 7    
Russ Bredosnon Minhaus 7    
Scott Mosher Mosher Insurance Services 6.5    
Randy Bowen Doyles Irish Pub 5.5    
Kurt Johnson Baumgartners 5    
Dean Hendrickson Baumgartners 0    
Gerry Herbst Mosher Insurance Services 0    

Game Winners:  Darris Henning, Dicker, Flanagan

  • Week 14    
    Baumgartners Vs Old Smokey Last Dawgs
    One Tan Hand Vs Minhaus
    Old Smokey Vs Mosher Insurance Services
    Doyles Irish Pub Vs Bertalot Flooring

    Bertalot Flooring
  • Mosher and Associates
  • Industrial Combustion
  • Baumgartners
  • Bullets/Doyle's Irish Pub
  • Minhas Micro Distery/Brewery